UGA vs UTK Blood Drive Recap

The University of Georgia’s Greek Life Office held another successful blood drive alongside their partner, The Blood Connection. In the spirit of competition, the first ever Blood Bowl between the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee Knoxville was held to challenge students to beat their SEC rival while also giving back to their community and saving lives through blood donation.

This was the Blood Connection and the Greek Life Office’s fourth and most successful blood drive, with 518 total units collected. There were 521 first-time donors and 88 returning donors from previous Blood Connection blood drives. Each of these blood donations can help save up to three lives.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to every donor, volunteer, and supporter who contributed to this achievement,” said The Blood Connection’s Donor Engagement Supervisor Terra Strange. “Your kindness has not only saved lives but has also strengthened the bonds that make our community exceptional.”

Overall, there were 698 scheduled appointments and 438 completed units ready to be donated at local hospitals in Georgia. With these pints donations from students at UGA and the students at UTK, both communities will benefit from the blood drives and be able to help those in need of blood donations.

“Ultimately, I’m proud of our students and their efforts toward this competition and more importantly to address a need in our area/region,” said Joshua Welch, Director of Greek Life at UGA.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the Greek Life Office and the Blood Connection worked to make the event successful by tabling and working on promotional efforts. Donors were given a UGA vs. UTK sweatshirt and an eGift card from the Blood Connection, as well as a Chick-fil-A biscuit or sandwich and matching stickers from the Greek Life Office as a thank you for donating.

“Our organization works with many sponsor groups every day to promote blood donation, but I must say that the efforts of [The UGA Greek Life Office] have been exceptional – we just do not often see this kind of support,” said The Blood Connection’s Executive Vice President and CTO Tracy Bridges. “I hope that we can repeat this event for many years to come – and help UGA beat UTK in the annual blood bowl (and on the football field) every year.”

The Greek Life Office has enjoyed developing a partnership with The Blood Connection. If your organization is interested in hosting your own Blood Connection blood drive, visit