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Each student at the University of Georgia has the primary goal of obtaining a degree and an education; therefore, the fraternity system takes seriously its role in helping its members excel academically. The scholarship committee serves as a resource to all members of the fraternity system and works to keep academic excellence a focus of the Interfraternity Council. The IFC rewards its members who excel academically by giving annual awards to the chapters and individuals who achieve excellence in academics. The IFC awarded over $13,000 in scholarships this past year to deserving fraternity men. Many chapters encourage scholastic achievement by maintaining incentive programs for brothers who excel in the classroom, pairing together study partners, and developing tutoring programs that are designed to fit the needs of each chapter member.

The fraternity system has been successful in using these and other programs to help brothers reach their full, academic potential. This success can be illustrated by the average fraternity man’s scholastic GPA, which has been higher than the average University man’s scholastic GPA for the past thirty years. In addition, the IFC requires its fraternities to achieve a 3.0 chapter grade point average in order to have social privileges. No matter what field of study, the Interfraternity Council will provide its members with resources and support that will help them excel in the classroom.