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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Sorority Recruitment

No, many women choose to go through Recruitment to meet people and make new friends. Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit the sororities, get a glimpse of Greek life, and assess whether or not you would like to be a part of the UGA Greek community.

Potential New Members often experience the greatest disappointment by beginning the Recruitment process only wanting to be in one or a few certain sororities. Sorority membership is more than wearing certain Greek letters. It is giving your time and energy to the sorority, agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations, and living up to high expectations. Don’t make a decision based on stereotypes and others’ opinions. Keep an open mind and make a decision that is right for you.

Although the Panhellenic Council does not require a minimum GPA to participate in recruitment, each sorority may establish their own minimum GPA required for membership. If you have a question about a particular sorority’s requirement, please directly contact the chapter.  

The only opinion of a chapter that should matter is yours. Each chapter is different from campus to campus and from year to year. If you allow someone else’s perceptions to influence you, then you may not feel satisfied with your choices during Recruitment. Remember that each chapter is made up of many different women with different talents and qualities that compose the entire group. There are always rumors about any important event and Recruitment is no exception. If you hear derogatory remarks about any sorority or any women in the group, please disregard those comments as inappropriate and against the Panhellenic spirit. Any questions regarding rumors or inappropriate comments should be directed to your Gamma Chi or a Panhellenic Executive Officer. It is very important to keep an open mind about each sorority throughout the process and not to dismiss a certain house based on rumor or stereotype.

It is difficult to pin-point exactly what sorority women are looking for. There are as many answers to that question as there are sorority women. A strong academic background is very important to every sorority. Each sorority has a minimum grade requirement and no matter how wonderful the Potential New Member may be, the sorority might release her if she cannot meet the grade requirement.

Often, women have friends currently in sororities or are legacies to certain sororities. Some women feel that these Potential New Members have an advantage in that sorority. However, just as you are not obligated to join that sorority, that sorority is not obligated to extend you an invitation for membership. Furthermore, you should not worry if you are not a legacy or do not know anyone in a sorority. The entire point of going through Recruitment is to meet new people, and every sorority wants to give all Potential New Members an equal chance. It is most important to be yourself. Every sorority is looking for a variety of members. Not everyone can or wants to be Chapter President and the sororities realize this. Keep in mind that it is up to you to present yourself to each sorority. Smile and feel free to talk and ask questions.

Remember that membership selection is not an easy task and it varies from sorority to sorority. These differences are based on national policies and chapter bylaws. Therefore, Panhellenic has no input in the membership selection process or the qualifications each sorority considers for members. Sororities strive to put together a well-rounded and balanced group of new members. There is no mold or “perfect” member. Every house wants to add diversity with each group of new members. No sorority wants to be a house of clones. It is important to be yourself and let your personality shine.

As your Recruitment schedule is reduced from round to round, so is the number of women each sorority is allowed to invite back. Every Potential New Member has something to offer a sorority, but sororities are required to release some Potential New Members. In deciding which Potential New Members to invite back and which to release, each chapter has a democratic voting process. In other words, one or a few sorority women cannot guarantee that a Potential New Member will receive an invitation to the next round. Also, sororities are not required to pledge their legacies. Most importantly, a sorority woman should never imply or promise a Potential New Member that she will be returning to any subsequent round.

Recommendations (recs) are letters or statements from a sorority alumna recommending a Potential New Member for membership. At UGA, some sororities require a recommendation from an alumna member of that sorority before the sorority may extend a bid to that woman.  A recommendation simply introduces a woman to the sorority so that the sorority members may become better acquainted with her before recruitment begins. Sororities appreciate and use the information obtained through recommendations. However, it is important that you understand that if a sorority requires a potential new member to have a recommendation, it is the responsibility of the individual sorority to obtain a rec, not the responsibility of the PNM. Securing your own recommendation does not ensure that a sorority will offer you an invitation or a bid.  Conversely, not securing your own recommendation does not mean that you will not be offered an invitation or a bid from a particular sorority.If you wish to secure recs, the letters must come from sorority members who are alumnae. There is no advantage to having more than one rec for a chapter. You should not contact sororities about recs – it is only appropriate for an alumna to contact her sorority. For your convenience, addresses to send recs to for each chapter are listed online. Sororities will accept recs until the last day of recruitment. If you are having difficulty securing recs, you can contact the Atlanta Alumnae Panhellenic Association at or contact your area alumnae Panhellenic group.

Each Potential New Member is considered on an individual basis; a legacy is no more obligated to join a particular sorority than the sorority is obligated to pledge her. The Potential New Member and the sorority should be looking for compatibility, not necessarily a family connection to the group. Panhellenic has no policies regarding legacies because each sorority has its own policy, and Panhellenic has no input in individual sorority membership decisions. More specific questions regarding legacies should be directed to the individual sororities.

After the Preferential Round if you wish to join a sorority, you will fill out and sign an official Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. Your signature on this card is binding for one year. If you then receive a bid and decide not to accept it, you will not be able to participate in Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding for one year. We therefore urge you to think carefully before turning down a bid as emotions can temporarily cloud your thinking. Please give yourself and the sorority a chance before declining a bid.

Difficult decisions are a very common dilemma. Potential New Members, however, should not look at this as a problem. Most women can be happy in any of the sororities on campus. Besides, you have to keep in mind that sororities are also having to make decisions. Think carefully and look objectively at what each sorority has to offer you. A sorority should be a home away from home; a place where you feel totally comfortable and welcome. Your experiences at each Recruitment event and personal goals and desires should guide your decision making.