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At UGA, some Panhellenic sororities require a recommendation from an alumna member of that sorority before the sorority may extend a bid to that woman.  A recommendation simply introduces a woman to the sorority so that the sorority members may become better acquainted with her before recruitment begins. Sororities appreciate and use the information obtained through recommendations.  However, it is important that you understand that IF A SORORITY REQUIRES A POTENTIAL MEMBER TO HAVE A RECOMMENDATION, IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL SORORITY TO OBTAIN A RECOMMENDATION, NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER.

In 1992, the National Panhellenic Conference passed a resolution addressing letters of recommendation.  The resolution, in part, states: “The responsibility of providing letters of recommendation for potential members rests with the members of NPC fraternities and recruitment information distributed through College and Alumnae Panhellenics shall contain nothing that infers letters of recommendation must be secured by the potential member.”  Each of the 19 sororities at UGA that participate in Fall Formal Recruitment are a member of the National Panhellenic Conference and is bound by this resolution.

Recommendation FAQs

Yes!  It is permissible for a potential member to ask an alumna member of a sorority to write a letter of recommendation for her own sorority.

The recommendation needs to be from an alumna member of a particular sorority, not necessarily someone who went to UGA.  As long as she is a member of that sorority, it does not matter where she went to college. 

Don’t stress about it! Remember that once you register for recruitment, each sorority will receive a copy of your information, so the registration is more important than the recommendation.  If a sorority does not have a recommendation for you, but they require one, they can use the information you have provided to find a recommendation for you.  It is not appropriate for you to contact the sororities yourself prior to recruitment.  Any questions you have should be directed to the Greek Life Office. 

As a potential member looks for recommendations, here are some people to ask:

  1. Your friends’ mothers
  2. The friends of your parents
  3. Favorite high school teachers
  4. Friends who are undergraduate sorority members.  They may not be able to write a recommendation, but they will know people who just graduated and are eligible to write them.
  5. Other friends participating in recruitment, even if it is at other schools.  

Remember that women who write recommendations do it every summer and that they have quite an extensive network.  When you find one person who can write a recommendation, it is likely she will be able to name friends in a few other sororities who can do it, too.  Once you find your first recommendation, others will come more easily. You will be surprised to find out how many people you know that are sorority members. If someone you know is willing to write you a recommendation, but she is not quite sure how, encourage her to contact her local alumnae group or her sorority’s national headquarters.

Recommendations can come any time, but it is best if they come in June and July. It is wise to wait until you have completed your high school career to begin seeking recommendations so that the resume with your recommendation will be complete and will match what is on your recruitment registration form.  Please don’t forget that you will need to register with us in order to participate in recruitment.  Having letters sent in does not register you to participate in recruitment.  The earlier your letters come in, the more time that the sorority has to look over your letter of recommendation.  Conversely, if you are unable to secure a recommendation on your own from a particular sorority, registering for recruitment lets them know that you will be participating and gives them a chance to begin seeking out a recommendation for you. Early registration certainly has its benefits!

There is no official due date for letters of recommendation.  A good guideline is to have them all sent in by the end of July so that the sororities have time to thoroughly read through them prior to the start of recruitment.

There are two main ways recommendations are submitted.  Fortunately, it is the responsibility of the woman writing the recommendation to know how and where to send the recommendation.  In fact, sorority headquarters hold that information and they typically do not provide it to potential members.

  1. Online.  Many sororities are communicating to their alumnae that they prefer that recommendations be submitted online.  The alumna will have a login to access the members only part of the site.  She is able to complete the form, add any comments, and upload any additional items.  It is quick and the information goes immediately to the chapter.  This is also the only submission that is trackable.  When an alumna submits her online recommendation, she can tell that it was received.
  2. Mailed to a sorority representative in hard copy.  All sororities have women who carry the responsibility of obtaining and reviewing recommendations.  Some of them post the woman’s mailing address on their website.  Others share it with alumnae through their quarterly magazine.  Generally, potential members do not have access to this information.

The alumnae writing the recommendation may want to contact the recommendation chair (via the emails listed below) to see if there is a preferred method for the recommendation (either electronically or mailed) to be received.  Each sorority handles their own recommendation process.  There may be variations from group to group.*PANHELLENIC DOES NOT HAVE ANY RECOMMENDATION FORMS FOR INDIVIDUAL SORORITIES.  THE ALUMNAE SHOULD CONTACT THEIR SORORITIES DIRECTLY FOR THE APPROPRIATE PAPERWORK.*

You may be acquainted with alumnae from various sororities who would like to submit recommendations for you.  Once you have identified the alumna, it is customary to provide the alumna a copy of your resume or a detailed list of activities as well as a photograph.  The photo only needs to be a head shot; multiple photos are not necessary.

Click here for suggestions on what to include.

You may also want to include a copy of your transcript.  Also for the alumna’s convenience, a list of UGA chapter addresses and contacts are provided below so they will know where to send the information. Most of our sororities only accept letters written by alumnae and do not accept letters written by active sorority members, however 5 of our sororities do accept collegiate recs: Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, and Sigma Kappa. Recommendations should be sent directly to the individual sororities.  It is appropriate that ONLY the sorority alumnae make contact with their sororities regarding recommendations.

A sorority will only need one recommendation on a potential member.  Having more than one recommendation sent to a particular sorority will not necessarily increase your chances of joining that sorority.  However, if you know more than one alumna from a particular sorority, it is perfectly acceptable for them all to write letters for you.

Overall, it may seem like most potential members have a recommendation to every sorority, but that is not the case.  Very few potential members will have one for each chapter.  Most will have recommendations for about ten or fewer, so don’t worry if you can’t check every box.

Securing your own recommendation does not ensure that a sorority will offer you an invitation or a bid.  Conversely, not securing your own recommendation does not mean that you will not be offered an invitation or a bid from a particular sorority.  Please remember that while sororities value their alumnae and all input that their alumnae provide, it is the active members of the collegiate chapter who are responsible for making the decisions involving who is offered an invitation to membership.

If you are having issues securing recs, please feel free to contact the Atlanta Alumnae Panhellenic at http://www.atlantapanhellenic.org/recruitment-recommendation-letters/ or the Atlanta Southern Crescent Alumnae Panhellenic Association at www.ascapa.org for assistance. We also suggest reaching out to your high school teachers or parents’ friends as a good start!

“Letters of Support” are not required or necessary at UGA. Some campuses, especially in Texas, use these – but UGA does not. 

Please remember that the recommendation process can vary greatly from school to school, region to region, and state to state.


Recommendation Required for Membership?

Alpha Chi Omega No
Alpha Delta Pi No
Alpha Gamma Delta No
Alpha Omicron Pi No
Alpha Phi No
Chi Omega No
Delta Delta Delta No
Delta Gamma Yes
Delta Phi Epsilon No
Delta Zeta No
Gamma Phi Beta No
Kappa Alpha Theta Yes
Kappa Delta No
Kappa Kappa Gamma No
Phi Mu No
Pi Beta Phi Yes
Sigma Delta Tau No
Sigma Kappa Yes*
Rec required prior to initiation, not prior to receiving a bid
Zeta Tau Alpha No

Please remember the responsibility of obtaining a recommendation ultimately lies with the sorority

Sorority Addresses & Contact Info

Madison Kesel
Please use website to submit

Virginia Adair
150 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Amelia Green
530 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Ansley Terhune
1190 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Mikayla Strobel
387 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Grace Daigre/Roya Shizard
324 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Katrina Long
1111 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Savannah Rathbun
398 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Olivia Jakimas
6915 Olde Atlanta Pkwy

Ali Schmitt
397 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Mindy Osler
338 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Alexa Rape
750 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605

Emma Simonton
440 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Margot Leggat
250 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Emma Gustafsson/Calli Capron
886 S. Milledge Ave.
Athens, GA 30605
Julia Eisenberg/Callie Riback
525 Bloomfield St.
Athens, GA 30605
Brinkley Marsh
2561 Flemington Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30345

Jess Sallah
1170 Founders Lake Dr.
Athens, GA 30606