Panhellenic Candidate Crowned 2023 Homecoming Queen

The University of Georgia Greek Life Office congratulates Ella Avery, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha in the Panhellenic community, on being crowned the 2023 Homecoming Queen. Below is a Q&A our office conducted with Ella, as well as her official bio.

Congratulations Ella, and Go Dawgs!

Meet Ella Avery, a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Marketing with an emphasis on Professional Selling and holding a certificate in Personal and Organizational Leadership. Hailing from Woodstock, GA, Ella is set to begin her career as an Associate Territory Manager in the Diabetes Primary Care unit at Eli Lilly and Company upon graduation. Ella is deeply rooted in the Georgia Bulldog tradition and represented the UGA Panhellenic community on Homecoming Court. Throughout her university journey, Ella has dedicated herself to making a positive impact. Within the Panhellenic community, she has held multiple roles within Zeta Tau Alpha, including Assistant VP New Member Educator, Public Relations Chair, Philanthropy Board Member, Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Board Member, and Discipleship Mentor. Additionally, she served as a 2022 Recruitment Counselor, providing emotional support to countless women during the recruitment process.

Beyond her sorority involvement, Ella has been a University of Georgia Campus Tour Leader for four years, giving prospective students insightful tours. As a Leonard Leadership Scholar through Terry’s Institute for Leadership Advancement, she has developed her leadership skills. Ella’s profound love for people is evident through her work with Extra Special People, an organization that celebrates individuals of all abilities. Throughout her time at UGA, Ella has actively engaged with Women in Business, UGA Miracle, Operation Smile, MUST Ministries, Athens Church, and Intramural Sports. Known for her positivity, she consistently brings light to every room she enters and serves others with intentionality and kindness. Ella’s favorite part of UGA is simple yet heartfelt: the people. She cherishes the moments that have made her time at UGA special and takes pride in being a UGA Bulldog.

Q: What inspired you to run for homecoming court, and how did your time on the court contribute to your UGA/Panhellenic/Greek Life experience?

A: The executive team of my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, reached out to me and encouraged me to run for homecoming court in hopes that I would represent Panhellenic. My time on court was incredible. The family that is UGA Greek Life showed up and made me feel so loved. I always say that UGA is so amazing because of the people that consistently encourage each other and become more like family than friends. For me, that is absolutely my Panhellenic sisters, and I was so honored to represent them.18 to 22 is a large gap, and the people you choose to surround yourself with those four years truly do become like your family. Within that time, these women have celebrated my victories as if they were their own but also felt my hurt in equal measure. Even on my worst days, these women never lost sight of who I am and what I stand for. Their strength, bravery, and intentionality have been a guiding light. They are a

testament to the sense of community that defines UGA. My Panhellenic sisters are not just the best part of UGA, they embody UGA.

Q: Can you share a favorite memory or moment from your Greek Life experience?

A: My favorite moment of being a woman in Greek Life must be homecoming. My mom, who is my role model, was my escort on the field for the game. This was so special to be able to share this moment with her because she was also a member of the UGA Greek Community during her time as a student, a Zeta as well! That entire moment was so surreal. It honestly says much more about my Greek Life family than it does about me. They have truly helped me become the woman I am today! When they called my name, I was speechless. I just remember the abundant screaming coming from the Greek Life section when I got crowned, I immediately pointed at them, with all of them pointing back at me. I truly represented something so much bigger than myself, and I am so honored. I went to the Greek Life section for the fourth quarter of the game and was overcome with love and support from all the sororities and fraternities. I am one lucky dawg!

Q: What was your favorite part of homecoming week?

A: My favorite part of homecoming week was UGA homecoming’s trivia. Every organization showed up, and it was so neat getting to meet so many new people. The coolest part of trivia was seeing how many Panhellenic women showed up. We had the largest and the loudest group of people!

Q: What is your favorite UGA tradition?

A: My favorite UGA tradition is ringing the bell! This is my favorite tradition because it truly encompasses what UGA is all about: celebrating each other! The victory bell can be used to celebrate all sorts of victories, from the many national championship wins, the world series, or even meeting your forever friends during recruitment. When I walk through campus and hear that bell, I know one of my peers is having a good day and my day instantly gets better. It truly encompasses what UGA is all about: bulldogs helping bulldogs!

Q: What is your favorite thing about the Panhellenic community?

A: My favorite thing about the Panhellenic community is being apart of such powerful women. I have watched my cohort grow into leaders in all different areas of campus, and I cannot wait to watch them take on the world after graduation. The Panhellenic community at the University of Georgia has profoundly shaped my college experience. It truly has been an honor to be a UGA Panhellenic woman; an honor to be a part of a large community where women consistently support and celebrate each other. Words can’t express how grateful and privileged I feel to be Panhellenic’s nominee, as I know the quality of the women I represent. I represent women that

are much more than Greek letters, but women that are kind beyond measure, inclusive in all aspects, determined to make a positive difference, and are the fiercest friends.

Q: As an active member of the UGA and Greek community, what advice do you have for students looking to make the most of their college experience?

A: My best piece of advice for students looking to make the most of their college experience is take it all in! The days can seem long, but the years are short. How you spend your days will turn into how you spend your weeks, which will be how you spend your life. It is a bittersweet, short four years here, with so many forever friends to meet and lifetime memories to make. Make every second count!