UGA Miracle goes Beyond Limits for the kids

On November 12, 2020, UGA Miracle went Beyond Limits for the kids with a fundraising push that resulted in a grand total of $248,882.25 raised in 26.2 hours. This organization saw roughly a 5.14% increase from their BL 2019 total. Rebranded from $100 Day in 2019, Beyond Limits marked the beginning of the 100 day countdown to Dance Marathon. Beyond Limits would not have been as successful without the help from the event sponsor, The Retreat on Milledge. With a fundraising goal of $128, UGA Miracle raised money in honor of the 28 beds sitting in the Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This special day gave members the opportunity to push beyond limits for the kids and families treated at the hospital.

This year Beyond Limits took place in Tate Grand Hall with many fun and COVID-19 friendly activities for members to participate in. The Going Beyond Challenge encouraged members to reach their personal fundraising goals for the day, share their successes on social media, recruit friends to join the cause, and so much more. There was also a golden gong to hit whenever someone achieved the $128 for the day. Beyond Limits concluded with the celebratory Comma Club ceremony on West Lawn and Total Reveal outside Sanford Stadium.

COVID-19 has forced UGA Miracle, along with most other student-organizations at UGA, to operate in a completely virtual setting this year. However, their fight for the kids has not waivered in the slightest. With almost 2,000 participants, UGA Miracle has been able to pivot and find creative ways to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and their Miracle families. Whether it be virtual family cooking classes or Amazon wish lists for Scottish Rite, UGA Miracle continues to recognize that children’s health cannot wait.

“I think one of the things I really loved about Beyond Limits this year as compared to previous years was that there was a much bigger sense of community and impact since we were all able to gather in Tate Grand Hall. It felt similar to how Dance Marathon feels and the fact that we were able to get that feeling in the middle of the craziest semester was super moving and much needed.” – Sammi Agranov, UGA Miracle Marketing Co-Chair 2020-2021

This year has brought many challenges for us all, but UGA Miracle always serves as a home and community for many people at the University of Georgia. As the official Greek Life philanthropy, UGA Miracle brings together the Greek community in order to serve a greater cause than themselves.

Dance Marathon 2021 is just around the corner on February 20th-21st. If you are interested in making a charitable donation, please also visit their website or email the Finance Director, Reece Baker, at If you are interested in registering for Dance Marathon 2021 and joining UGA Miracle to celebrate their 26th year, please see UGA Miracle’s website at, follow their social media @ugamiracle, or email for more information!