The Multicultural Greek Council 5K Recap

On March 24th, the Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Georgia hosted the MGC Superhero 5K. The 5K raised funds to support the Boys and Girls Club of Athens.

In total, the event raised over $2,300 and hosted over 130 runners. These participants ranged from the age of under 10 to over 70.

Over 40 people volunteered to ensure the success of the event. Many of these volunteers included students within the Multicultural Greek Council, the MGC executive board, and Greek Life Office staff.

“The success of the MGC 5K was a remarkable team effort, and we owe a tremendous thank you to the leadership of our Exec Board and Advisors, our dedicated MGC volunteers, and support from Carol and the rest of the Classic Race Services team,” said MGC President Pranay Patel.

The 5K was held at the Sandy Creek Nature Center. Runners were encouraged to run the trail dressed as their favorite superheroes in support of the children at the Boy and Girls Club.

“With over 130 runners and 50 volunteers, this event not only marked the return of the 5K but also enabled us to raise a significant sum for the Boys and Girls Club of Athens, MGC’s philanthropy. We are joyed to have brought this event back for the first time in years and look forward to future success,” said Patel.