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Darren Anglin with 2017 scholarship recipient Samaria Aluko

Interview Questions

We recently had a chance to chat with alumnus, Darren Anglin, who graciously supports this scholarship for UGA students. Read below to learn more about Darren and the scholarship!

Now that I am a graduate of the University of Georgia; I want to take the opportunity to influence students at my Alma mater who may feel like what they do goes unnoticed, or may be discouraged by people who don’t understand the difficult nature of being extraordinary. I know everyone wants to wait until they “make it” before they give back. But I am a little impatient. Beyonce said: “I just might be the next Black Bill Gates in the making”. I plan on getting in formation, and making this quote my reality. But that’s a long journey, and I want to make an impact now. I want to hold myself accountable to my local communities as I work toward personal and professional self-actualization. I don’t want to wait 30 years to give back. So I started this $500 scholarship in hopes that I could acknowledge those outstanding students that are doing positive things in the community today. Particularly the one that inspire others to be best versions of themselves.

I hope this scholarship serves as a reminder to extraordinary students that doing great things results in great reward. I want to remind these extraordinary students that there are people out there what want to know what they are doing, the struggles they face, and support them achieving their dreams, even it seems like no one else does.

My favorite quote is by Tyler Kent White ““Don’t you ever apologize for burning too brightly, or collapsing into yourself at night; that is how Galaxies are made

The quote is really saying. Don’t let people stop you from being great, or think hard times are sign to quit.

People look up to the stars in the sky all the time and are inspired by their light and beauty. I don’t want these students to ever let their personal struggles, or negative people deter them from doing great things – that could potentially inspire others, and have a positive impact on the community. I want this scholarship to remind them that they are becoming and creating something beautiful that millions of people will be inspired by; just like a Galaxy. In our case the one we see is the Milky Way. Via Lactea is Latin for the word Milky Way. That’s how I came up with the name.

Students can use this money for their educational development and philanthropy projects.

Greek life at UGA specifically raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities across the nation every year! We also engage directly with the Athens community daily. I am specifically a member of the Zeta Nu chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. which is a fraternity within the National Pan Hellenic Council –one of our 4 major councils on UGA’s campus. My organization mentors Athens Clarke County youth through our Sigma Beta Club, has adopted a street in Athens – as a part of our keep Athens beautiful initiative, and aids local organizations with programs that unite the Athens community. My fraternity is just one example of the many Greek organizations that actively engage in philanthropic activities that include donating money, mentoring Athens youth, and uniting the Athens community. That is why I knew selecting my council (NPHC) as the fiscal sponsor to help me with promoting my scholarship opportunity on campus was the best decision. My fellow council members have been instrumental in actively letting students know about this opportunity because their Greek life experience has taught them the value of brotherhood/sisterhood, scholarship and service.

Student interested in applying for my scholarship can go to our Greek Life website and apply here:

The scholarship application is for next year is currently being updated and will reopen August 2017. Students can also reference my LinkedIn profile for updates, and access to the updated application after its August 2017 release.

During my time at UGA I was connected with several leaders who mentored, challenged, and encouraged me to leverage my strengths, and do positive things. Professors like Kim Landrum, Kristi Schaller, Kristina Collins, Ginny Phares, Tina Harris and Diane Moorman gave me advice, educational resources, and recommendations for scholarships. Student affairs leaders like: Tamara Burke, Victor Wilson, Travis Martin, Vivia Hill-Scott, and Roxanna Gandia helped me find funding for my philanthropy programs, connected me with sponsors, and recommended me for professional advancements. All of these people advocated for me and helped me get the awards and scholarships, from UGA alumni and donors, that helped me continue my community impact, finish college with honors, and land a job at fortune 100 company. I couldn’t have made it this far without their support. Now I have to pay it forward by providing a scholarship to help students at UGA who were just like me. I am using the same leaders who helped me get alumni scholarships, to help me give out a scholarship as an alumni. Now that I made it to the other side, I get the opportunity to bring others with me, and that’s what it’s supposed to be about!

This scholarship is the first step to building out my non-profit that will focus on providing scholarships, mentor programs, and raising awareness in local communities; my end goal is to develop extraordinary individuals who let their light shine to inspire others. This scholarship keeps me accountable as I navigate my professional career so I can remain connected to my local communities, and be a light for others.