Fall 2020 Formal Recruitment

***All questions should be sent to ugarecruitment@gmail.com.***


Registration Fee

The fee for recruitment covers several meals, transportation to all recruitment events, campus facilities usage and a t-shirt. The cost of registration is dependent on when you register.

2020 Registration & Payment Dates
April 1 - May 31              Early Registration - $215
June 1 - July 15              Regular Registration - $250
July 16 - August 1          Late Registration - $300

*Please note that all University Housing contracts begin on Sunday, August 16, 2020. In order to participate in Formal Recruitment, potential new members must move in early. In order to secure early move-in, an additional $20 fee will be due to University Housing.

More information about the registration process will become available as we approach April 1, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a GPA requirement to participate in formal recruitment?
Although the Panhellenic Council does not require a minimum GPA to participate in recruitment, each sorority may establish their own minimum GPA required for membership. If you have a question about a particular sorority's requirement, please directly contact the chapter. Chapter e-mail addresses are available under  Recommendation Addresses & Instructions.

Where will I live during Recruitment? 
Potential New Members who are living in UGA residence halls will be permitted to move in on Saturday, August 16, 2020. In order to reduce vehicular traffic and move-in lines, student arrival times will be staggered. Having an arrival time on Saturday, August 16 will allow you to attend all orientation activities for recruitment. In June, University Housing will email specific information about selecting an arrival time. Please visit the housing website for more information: https://housing.uga.edu/site/resources_movein_moveout. Please note that the Greek Life Office does not coordinate the housing schedule.

What are recommendations and do I need them?

Please visit our Recommendation Addresses & Instructions page for all the info you need on letters of recommendation, or "recs." 

Saturday, August 15: Check-in & Orientation
PNMs scheduled to live in UGA residence halls move in. Specific times will be communicated by University Housing. Report to your assigned residence hall.
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.: Recruitment Check-in - Tate Student Center, Reception Hall and at residence halls
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.: Parent Orientation, Tate Grand Hall
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.: Recruitment Orientation for students, Tate Grand Hall

What will Recruitment be like? 
Recruitment is intended to give each Potential New Member an opportunity to become familiar with each of the 19 sororities at UGA, meet as many Greek women as possible, and learn about each organization. The actual process of Recruitment involves four rounds of events. After each round of events, Potential New Members receive invitations to the next round of events and are permitted to preference a limited number of sororities they would like to visit again. Potential New Members will be divided into small groups with Gamma Chis (Recruitment Counselors) to guide them through the week.

Round One – During the first two days of Recruitment you will visit each sorority for 20 minutes. These events will introduce you to every chapter before you begin to make decisions. You will probably talk about yourself (your summer, your activities, where you are living, etc.) so don't be shy – the sorority members want to get to know you. Round One events are high-energy and may include music, singing, and clapping. These events are short, so relax and have fun! 

Round Two – Round Two is known as "Philanthropy Round." Events are 25 minutes in length and allow you to learn about the sorority's philanthropic contributions both locally and nationally. The sorority will show a video highlighting the events they put on to raise money for important causes. If invited, you may attend up to 14 events.

Round Three – All of our sororities are located in beautiful historic homes near campus. During this round, the members will take time to show you around their homes and get to know you better. This is the round where you will wear your recruitment t-shirt (preview coming soon!). These events are 30 minutes long and if invited you may attend up to 8 events. 

Preference Round (Prefs) – You will be making the final decision about which sororities you prefer during this round. These events are usually more serious than previous events as the sorority members will explain what it means to be a member and what their sorority has to offer. Events are 50 minutes in length and if invited, you may attend up to two preferential events. 

What do I wear? 
Casual skirts and dresses are appropriate for rounds one and two. Round three will be t-shirt day (preview coming soon!). All the participants will wear their recruitment t-shirt. Cool, lightweight fabrics are a necessity because of the hot weather. You will be walking a lot so comfortable footwear is essential. Heels are discouraged for Rounds 1-3. Nice dresses, skirts or pants that you would wear to a wedding or religious service are appropriate for Pref Round. Pref events are more formal, therefore many women choose to wear black dresses and heels although please note that this is not a requirement. The most important thing during all rounds is to make sure you feel comfortable.

Click here for more frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ page.

What is an upperclassmen quota?
The upperclassmen quota is a separate quota that is used to specifically place upperclassmen Potential New Members.  

Why do we use an upperclassmen quota for Fall Recruitment?
It gives upperclassmen and transfer students a greater opportunity to pledge during the Formal Recruitment process as they are not considered in the same pool as freshmen.

How will you determine if I am an upperclassmen?
We will determine if you are an upperclassmen based on your high school graduation date. If you feel that you have special circumstances, such as a gap year, please contact the Panhellenic Council.

If I am an upperclassmen will the recruitment process be different?
No, the recruitment process will not be different for you!

Want more information regarding sorority life? Check out the National Panhellenic Conference's Sorority Life website!  www.thesororitylife.com


University of Georgia Panhellenic Recruitment is open to all enrolled UGA women regardless of race, religion, color, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status. 

The recruitment process is committed to providing access and accommodations for all people with disabilities. If you need accommodations, please call the Greek Life Office at 706-542-4612 by July 24 for specific requests.

2020 Panhellenic Recruitment Detailed Schedule

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