2017 Scholar

Winda Whor

Major: Management Information Systems

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Winda is a girl who believes her challenging life experiences can inspire others.

Winda was born in Montreal, Canada, but raised in Atlanta Georgia most of her life. She enjoys problem-solving and technological activities that provide others more growth and fortuity. Her future goal is to establish her own business that will provide technological and management skills to youth that will help further their careers, and ultimately impact the global technology advancement. Winda is also a strong advocate for her community. Winda takes her difficult personal and professional experiences and uses them as a testimony of triumph to show others that they too can push past obstacles. Winda has a particular interest in developing young girls that may deal with depression, insecurity, or stress. She believes that her personal stories can impact others, and as a result has inspired many young girls to dream beyond their current circumstance.

Winda will change the world through technological innovation, women empowerment, and youth development.